Acne Treatments Using Garlic

Acne Treatments Using Garlic

Feeling down because of acne and you can't use the anti-acne products in the market because of sensitive skin? No worries, there may just be another solution for you. While no one claims that garlic is a miracle cure for pimples, there are many who believe that it can help. It works in two ways: internally and externally.

Firstly, garlic is a powerful remedial ingredient and blood cleanser. Eating garlic can help your body systems to detoxify and thus reduce acne. Because cooking garlic destroys its potency, garlic's most potent medicinal effects are felt when it is eaten raw and crushed. Raw garlic can be sprinkled on top of a meal at the of cooking, added to a salad or included in a sandwich. However, be warned that the taste and the smell of raw garlic is pungent.

The remedial ingredient and cleansing properties of garlic also give it the reputation as being an effective treatment for pimples when applied externally. A cut clove rubbed gently on the affected area is reported to help reduce acne. Garlic also leaves a rather pungent smell - even after cleansing. So don't apply it to your pimples just before going out.


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