Indian Herbs Spices Recipe

Indian Herbs Spices Recipes

Lentils - Originating from the eastern Mediterranean, but now grown in the Middle East and India, and available whole and split. Red lentils are bright orange but become yellow when cooked and have a savory flavor. Green lentils (sometimes known as Egyptian lentils) are dull green in color with a fresh spicy flavor. Brown lentils (sometimes known as Chinese lentils) are dark dull brown with a rich flavor.


  1. Chicken Drumsticks

  2. Chicken Drumsticks in a Unique Marinade

  3. Chicken Handi

  4. Chicken Mince Rolls

  5. Chicken in a Spinach Puree

  6. Saffron Chicken

  7. Slow Oven Chicken with a Hint of Mint

  8. Slow Oven Tandoori Chicken

  9. Spicy Chicken Curry

  10. Tamarind Flavored Chicken

  11. Tangy Chicken


  1. Boneless Lamb in Tomato Puree

  2. Lamb Curry

  3. Lamb Dumplings

  4. Lamb with Onions

  5. Lamb Shanks in Curry

  6. Marinated Lamb Slow Oven Style

  7. Raan in a Spicy Marinade

  8. Slow Oven Lamb Steaks

  9. Slow Oven Raan

  10. Spicy Lamb Chops


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