Roast Grilled Fried Recipes

Roast Grilled Fried Recipes

The recipe for roasting a standing rib roast is as simple and straightforward as can be: stud the beef with garlic, sprinkle it with freshly ground pepper, surround it with potatoes and onions, and stick it in the oven. But it's also one of those dishes that is very easy to miscalculate. What makes the difference between a perfectly cooked, juicy roast and a dry, unappealing one ? There are several factors to consider. Starting with a piece of beef of the highest quality is essential. This is one of those show-stopper dishes, something to make when there is a special occasion. So don't settle for second-rate supermarket beef. This dish requires a visit to the finest butcher around; you want top-quality prime beef. Figure on 3/4 pound of beef per person. Leftovers are definitely desirable.

There is endless controversy over the correct method and temperature for roasting beef; every cookbook and recipe you check will tell you something different. What works best for us is searing the beef in the oven at a high temperature (we prefer 450 degrees rather than 500 degrees because we found that the extra 50 degrees can sometimes burn the meat) and then reducing the temperature for the duration of the roasting.

Roast: Is a cooking technique in which a food is uncovered in the oven until the exterior is well browned.

Grill: To cook over hot coals in an outdoor gas or charcoal brazier, or to cook meats or vegetables close up under a broiler.

Fried: To cook a food in oil at a high temperature. Deep frying is to totally submerge the food in oil.

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  10. Trout Grilled with Salt


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