Meat Poultry Spices Recipes

Meat Poultry Spices Recipes

Herb oils are an excellent ingredient for use in stir fry cooking as well as salad dressings. This mixed herb combination is a good basic choice, but you can also be adventurous and try other, more exotic ingredients. Adding garlic and chilies to a herb oil produces a fiery condiment: try dribbling a tiny amount on to paste for extra flavor. Cranberry and port sauce is delicious served with turkey, chicken, pork or ham. Lemon thyme really sets off its unique flavor.

  1. Spiced Turkey

  2. Turkey with Apples, Bay and Madeira

  3. Savory Meat and Vegetable Dumpling

  4. Country Herb Pate

  5. Devilled Birds in Pasta Nests

  6. Duck with Cranberries and Mangoes

  7. Five Spice Pork

  8. Pork and Mushrooms with Sage and Mango Chutney

  9. Pork Crumble

  10. Pork Fillets with Herbs and Pistachios

  11. Pork, Thyme and Water Chestnut Filo Bundles

  12. Spiced Pork

  13. Fried Pheasant with Chestnuts and Tarragon

  14. Clove Meatballs

  15. Ginger and Almond Meatballs

  16. Spiced Meatballs

  17. Ham with Spiced Raisin Sauce

  18. Liver with Coriander, Lemon and Pine Nuts

  19. Mincemeat

  20. Minced Meat Samosas

  21. Spiced Ham

  22. Bean Lamb Casserole

  23. Herbed Lamb Loaf

  24. Herbed Lamb Roast

  25. Lamb and Leeks with Mint and Spring Onions

  26. Lamb Kofta

  27. Navarin of Lamb Printanier

  28. Sauté Lamb with Fennel and Orange

  29. Tandoori Lamb with Mint Pilau


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  1. Spiced Pate with Peppercorns

  2. Beef Pie

  3. Beef Stroganoff

  4. Beef with Orange Herbal Mustard

  5. Red Wine London Broil

  6. Special Beef Stew

  7. Spiced Beef

  8. Tunisian Beef Stew with Okra

  9. Herbed Veal Schnitzel

  10. Veal Mushrooms Herbs

  11. Veal with Sorrel and Cheese Filling


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